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BridalMD offers the very finest European Tailoring  for Wedding Dresses.

We are very different than any other place you can have your dress altered because we are Tailors not seamstresses. We are trained in European Couture Tailoring techniques which mean we never rush through the tailoring process; the main thing that sets our process apart is that we completely deconstruct the area we are tailoring and reshape it before reassembling it, leaving you with a perfect fit. Our process requires more labor and longer hours on your dress which is why brides who expect the very best, put their trust in BridalMD. If you read a few of our many reviews on Yelp you will notice there is an undeniable consistency in the feedback. We believe each bride should feel like they are the only bride on our minds which is why we work by appointment only. We are in very high demand so we are very selective of who we chose as our clients so it's very important to be as detailed as possible on your form when you fill it in, we are honored you have chosen to visit our website and look forward to hearing from you.


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