Wholesale Services to Bridal Shops contact us directly for information on how to get set up with our Paid Shipping Service and on-site training.

Consultation- Personal Bridal Fitting

 $50* This is your first fitting, we come to your home and assess what alterations your dress will need. The more the merrier, add $25 for each additional dress or person at this appointment. *This fee also includes the final delivery.

Stain Guard Treatment

 $100 - $250
Our TOP requested Service  this is AMAZING! Liquids roll right off.
Picture RED WINE down the FRONT of YOUR DRESS! EEK! And when you get your gown professionally cleaned any soil will come clean easier.

Sample Dresses, YAY! We Love a good deal too.  We are happy to tailor them for you. If they are very soiled we will require them to be cleaned before we can work on them. We can arrange for your sample gown to be cleaned, if you need it. 

Level 1

                 $75 per item no Beading or Lace

                 $100 per item with Lace or Tulle

                 $150 per item with beading                     

Take in or let out seams from bust to waist or waist to hem
Take up shoulders
Buttons- move or add up to 10
Straps- shorten or lengthen up to
Boning- add or remove up to 4
Bra/Cups- add or remove $50 plus the cost of the enhancements.

Bootie or Hips- Padding 

Level 2

               $125per item no Beading or Lace

               $150 per item with Lace or Tulle

               $200 per item with Beading

               $350 *false lace hem         


Hem*- A line and simple, up to three layers
Sleeves- plaquet, button tabs, cuffs, full bell, reset at shoulder
Bodice- add or remove boning 5 or more, reshape bust line 

Level 3

              $150 per item no Lace or Tulle

              $200 per item with Lace or Tulle

              $250 per item with beading   


              $350 *false lace hem 


Hems*- full skirt, up to 5 layers, high-low
Zipper-add or remove
Skirt- Take in or let out

Bodice- Take in or let out

Add Lining to Skirt

Add lining to bodice

Add Gusset- Usually under the arms to add more room in the bodice 

Split dress at waist to make into two pieces $250
Brazilian Butt Lift- accentuate and add curves AMAZING especially on Mermaid or Fit and Flare also can add bootie enhancement padding as listed above. They both work well together.
Add custom beading or appliqué- priced by quote depends on what is wanted

Bustle Clip $150
Bustle- French based on fullness of train from $250-$350 ,  *dresses with volumes of tulle and netting or require two layer bustles for one skirt and one for tulle layers $500

Level 4

                   $300 +

Hems- with gores, applique, beading or horse hair.  5+ layers, pick up hems, bubble hems
Convert to Corset Back


Level 5

            By Quote
Design Modification
Any design modifications that are added or changed.

Pressing or Steaming and Heirloom Keepsake - $150.00+

Stylist Services - $300.00 Includes 3 hours $25.00 per additional hour needed.

One of our stylists on site. They get you into your gown all corseted , tied, buttoned and picture perfect before the ceremony then after the ceremony they will bustle your train so you are ready for the reception!

Direct to the Bride
We come to YOU, your home, office or hotel. No awkward fittings in retail showrooms, relax in the comfort and privacy of your space.

 Wholesale Service to Bridal Shops
Bridal Shops across the country rely on our expert tailoring services. Consistency and quality in a timely manner make all the difference to your brides. We personally train your stylist team our easy fitting system, mail it to us in a provided postage paid package and it will be shipped back to you in 3 weeks or less!


door to door MOBILE bridal alterations

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Today's Busy Brides LOVE our personal door-to-door service. The last thing you need to worry about is your dress. It's crazy enough planning a wedding; synchronizing everyone's schedule and making it work in your busy life. With evening and weekend appointments available you might be able to squeeze in some fun.